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Florida Mold Audit and Testing

When you reside in Florida, you learn that a variety of mold thrives in the climate you love. Therefore, most homeowners in the area find themselves needing mold remediation at one point or another. If you find yourself struggling with mold, make sure you hire an experienced company that conducts thorough testing. At Green Home Solutions of Florida, our experts and certified third-party assessors conduct testing removal services to identify the issue and develop a successful mold removal plan. We currently offer mold testing for both residential and commercial buildings!

Residential Mold Audit & Testing for a Safer Home

There is little difference between our residential and commercial mold testing services aside from the scope and scale. Our residential mold audit checks the air and mold to determine the severity of your problem. By identifying the source and type, we can complete the most effective mold and odor removal. This testing also gives you a better idea of potential hidden issues within your home that are causing excessive moisture and mold growth, so you can make your home safer and more resistant to mold in the future.

Dependable Commercial Mold Audit & Testing

When you need a commercial mold audit, we still offer the same services by taking samples throughout your building. We understand that some industries, such as health professionals, have higher standards of air quality, so we take several samples. We look for dangerous types of mold growth, like black mold, and use all of the information we gather to come up with an effective solution, which will save your Florida business two important resources: time and money.

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Your home and business should be a relaxing oasis in the midst of a hot and humid Florida summer. Trust the professionals at Green Home Solutions to conduct thorough pre-remediation testing to make your home safe and mold-free. Call us or fill out our online form to request our service today!

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