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Florida Mold Inspection

There are many potential signs of mold growing in your Florida home, from obvious dark spots on the wall to musty smells. Although these are common red flags, however, they do not definitively point to mold growth. So how can you confirm whether mold has infiltrated your home? Call on professional mold inspection experts like ours at Green Home Solutions of Florida!

Timely and Reliable Mold Tests and Inspections in Florida

Without proper testing from a skilled team of mold inspection experts in Florida, you won’t be able to identify—let alone eliminate—the mold in your home. So don’t leave your home’s air quality and structural integrity to chance; call Green Home Solutions of Florida right away! We’ll start your mold inspection with a free Residential Mold Audit from one of our Green Home Solutions experts and certified third-party assessors.

While inspecting for mold, our skilled mold technicians follow a proven method to ensure reliable results:

  • First, we’ll listen carefully to your concerns and discuss the potential causes and consequences of the mold in your home.
  • We’ll perform a thorough visual inspection and walkthrough of the affected areas.
  • To further identify the problem, we’ll conduct air quality testing, collect samples, and complete infrared mold tests and inspections as necessary.

If the results of third-party lab testing do indicate the presence of mold, we’ll present you a customized strategy and cost estimate for eliminating it with our EPA-registered, plant-based spray. When you work with Green Home Solutions of Florida, the entire process—from mold inspection to remediation—is seamless, affordable, and effective!

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