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Florida Commercial Mold Services

While the Florida weather makes for an enjoyable climate, it also promotes the growth of mold. Business owners who encounter mold should take immediate action to prevent additional damage by contacting an experienced commercial mold removal company. Green Home Solutions of Florida offers a variety of services, including commercial mold remediation and commercial mold testing, to help keep your business free of mold for your customers and employees.

Residential and Commercial Mold Services for Effective Removal

Whether you have a Florida home or business, we provide several residential and commercial mold services from which you can choose. In fact, we proudly offer comprehensive solutions for the following professional industries and more:

  • Commercial Property Managers
  • Commercial Real Estate Agents
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Commercial Brokers
  • Health Professionals

Following an inspection and testing by our Green Home Solutions experts and certified third-party assessors, we develop the most efficient plan of attack for your circumstances. Regardless of your industry or needs, we can tackle the problem fast. Most importantly, we guarantee your satisfaction because we are so confident in the cleaning and killing power of our plant-based, ultra-fine spray mist, which can reach mold in any hiding space.

Ask About Our Commercial Mold Services in Florida

When your Florida commercial property succumbs to mold growth, don’t waste time and money by trying to fix it on your own. Contact the experts at Green Home Solutions of Florida today to get started with the mold remediation process. Just give us a call, or fill out our quick online form to request our fast service!

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Indoor Air Quality Testing at an Affordable Price

Determine if mold spores and allergens are affecting the quality of your property’s air with professional testing services.