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Stuart Mold and Odor Services

If you’re lucky enough to live along Florida’s Treasure Coast, you enjoy easy access to beaches and endless outdoor activities. Florida living also brings abundant humidity, which is one reason that so many Stuart residents find themselves in need of mold and odor removal services. Green Home Solutions of Florida is the area’s top choice for affordable, effective mold remediation without the use of harsh chemicals. Whether you’re certain you have a mold problem or you’d just like to rule it out, call the pros at Green Home Solutions.

Professional Treasure Coast Mold Remediation

One reason so many Treasure Coast homeowners cringe at the thought of mold remediation is that they picture walls being knocked down and ducts being ripped out of place. While that is how many local companies would tackle the problem, Green Home Solutions of Florida takes a much gentler approach. Instead of harsh chemicals, our EPA-registered product is made using plant-based ingredients and is safe when used as directed, even around children and pets. Plus, it’s delivered using an ultra-fine spray mist, so it can reach beneath the surface to eliminate mold without the need for expensive demolition. Our Green Home Solutions experts and certified third party assessors offer comprehensive services including:

  • Air Quality Testing: Air quality testing can identify potential problems, pinpoint the types of mold in your home, and determine the extent of the problem. We also provide post-treatment testing to be sure the mold remediation treatment was effective.
  • Mold Remediation: Our Treasure Coast mold remediation services are performed by certified professionals. Our treatment works fast and without the need for you to exit your home for an extended period.
  • Duct Cleaning: In many homes, the HVAC duct work is a place where mold flourishes, but we can effectively eliminate the issue with our affordable duct cleaning services.
  • Odor Removal:  In addition to mold remediation, Green Home Solutions of Florida can also eliminate unpleasant odors from smoke, animals, and more.

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