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Industries We Serve in Florida

The team at Green Home Solutions believes that every property should provide a safe, clean and healthy environment for the people who inhabit it, and we work with a variety of industry professionals to make that happen. From apartment buildings and hotels to hospitals and more, we’re proud of the growing list of Florida industries we serve, including:    

  • Rental Property
  • Real Estate
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Home Inspection
  • Health Facilities
  • Hospitality Properties

Eliminate Mold in Your Rental Property

There are countless factors to consider when determining the liability of landlords to maintain a safe environment for their tenants, and keeping your rental property free of mold, mildew, and odor is a top priority. Whether you need service to restore a rental unit back to livable condition or need fast solutions for a newly-discovered mold problem, Green Home Solutions offers expert service and support to help you protect your bottom line.

Mold and Moisture Solutions for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent in Florida, assisting your clients with the buying or selling process can involve any number of different scenarios, and you need resources in place to address mold concerns if they are stalling the closing of your next deal. By referring or working with the experts and third party assessors at Green Home Solutions of Florida, you can be confident that the assessment and remediation process will be handled by a trusted team that provides outstanding service.

Trusted Service for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Commercial real estate agents have a responsibility to ensure functional, safe conditions in the properties that they are representing, and nothing can derail a deal faster than the discovery of mold, mildew, and odor. Resolve the situation quickly and affordably with the EPA-registered treatment protocols available from Green Home Solutions of Florida.

Fast Remediation for Mold Found in Home Inspections

One of the key components of buying a property is the home inspection, and this invaluable service can uncover a variety of moisture and mold-related issues that need to be addressed before moving forward. Our expert crew offers cost-effective service for home inspectors who need to make a recommendation for eliminating the problem once and for all, and we guarantee that our services will exceed your expectations for quality.

Mold Resources for Health Professionals

Out of all commercial industries, heath professionals need to be vigilant in addressing any issue with dangerous microbes to protect their patients, and our Florida mold remediation company is the name you can rely on for fast effective remediation. By utilizing a plant-based, ultra-fine spray mist that is safe when used as directed, we can quickly eliminate mold, mildew, and odor at the source of the problem.

Mold and Odor Remediation for Commercial Property

Rental and property managers for commercial facilities throughout Florida rely on our experience and expertise to handle the toughest issues—and it’s easy to see why! By offering fast, highly effective, and affordable services that cover the full scope of all of your remediation needs, we are fast becoming an industry leader with a reputation for guaranteed results.

Discover Our Effective Services Offered to Industries throughout Florida

From start to finish, Green Home Solutions of Florida is the company you can depend on for industry-leading mold and odor services for residential and commercial industries. From your free, on-site assessment through our ongoing long-term support, we offer the best services in Florida to handle mold issues both large and small. Give us a call today to learn more, or fill out our online form to get started with your Healthy Building Audit!

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