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Florida Air and Surface Cleaning Services

Part of keeping your property in top shape is ensuring that it is free from microbes, mold, and bacteria that can be harmful, and Green Home Solutions of Florida is the name you can count on to deliver exceptional service.  Our innovative treatments are designed to be both affordable and highly effective, and our experts and certified third party assessors offer the following targeted services for air and surface cleaning in Florida:

  • Clean-in-Place
  • Environmental Probiotics
  • Bacteria Removal

Streamlined Cleaning With Clean-in-Place Systems

Designed to simplify the cleaning process for a variety of applications, clean-in place systems clean the interior lining of surfaces within your building with ease. Fully automated and effortless to use, this repeatable system provides an ideal solution for protecting safety of your consumers in food service and other commercial or industrial applications.  

Environmental Probiotics for Air Sanitation

Bacteria comes in many forms, and environmental probiotics are specifically cultured strains that work on a microscopic level to clean the air and surfaces of your property. By eliminating organic matter such as dust, pollen, and skin cells, our air and surface sanitizing services can also effectively reduce odors, keeping your property in pristine condition.

Effective and Affordable Bacteria Removal Solutions

As is true with all of our services, the first priority of Green Home Solutions of Florida’s bacteria removal  process is complete customer satisfaction. Harmful microbes can cause negative effects for anyone who comes in contact with them, and our EPA-registered treatment protocols eliminate these microbes for a cleaner living environment in Florida.  

Learn More About Our Innovative Air and Surface Cleaning Methods

Your home or commercial building requires consistent attention to eliminate potential microbes and bacteria, but fortunately you don’t have to tackle this task alone! Choose the team at Green Home Solutions of Florida for highly effective residential and commercial air and surface cleaning services, and experience the difference of eco-friendly, affordable remediation! Just give us a call today to learn more about everything we offer to Florida residents, or fill out our online form to request an appointment for your Free Healthy Building Audit.

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