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Experienced Florida Mold and Indoor Environmental Solutions Company

The professionals at Green Home Solutions offer comprehensive mold, odor and bacteria remediation solutions that are fast, affordable, and environmentally preferred.

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Comprehensive Mold and Odor Services for your Whole Property

Our highly-trained mold and odor removal professionals offer expert services in both mold and odor remediation.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: We know our American-made products will rid your home of mold, odors, allergens and bacteria. If you are dissatisfied with the results upon completion, we retreat to your satisfaction.

Guaranteed Remediation Services

We are so confident in our effective, natural products, we guarantee their results!

Eco-Friendly Mold and Odor Solutions

Our American-made products are formulated out of all natural ingredients and are safe for both children and pets.

Affordable Yet Effective Solutions

Our mold, odor and disinfection services are administered without costly demolition, saving property-owners time and money.

About Green Home Solutions of Florida

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Green Home Solutions is committed to providing comprehensive mold and odor removal services that are safe when used as directed for humans, pets, and the environment. We do not believe that remediation has to involve harsh chemicals, which is why our products are mde using plant-based ingredients and are designed to target mold at the source.  When you choose to work with Green Home Solutions for your Florida property remediation needs, you get:

  • Expertly-trained technicians
  • Property audit
  • EPA- and IICRC-approved remediation methods
  • Outstanding customer service and support

We're Certified

Our experienced professionals are certified in many areas to ensure your mold removal is done right.

IAC Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector Mold Inspector CRIE Accreditation

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